40 Home Self-Care Tips

Prevent stressful times from taking a toll on your mental and physical health. Knowing how to turn your home into the perfect place to soothe, heal, and pamper yourself can help you stay sharp and level headed regardless of what’s happeninge.

healthandbeautyresource.wordpress.com assembled the following home self-care tips to help you better relax and enjoy your time in the place you cherish most.

Ways to Practice Self-Care at Home

Your home is your personal sanctuary, and the place you can enhance your overall well-being. The objective of the following home self-care tips includes:

  • Caring for your physical and psychological health
  • How to manage and reduce stress
  • Respecting your emotional and spiritual needs
  • Fostering healthy habits and sustainable relationships
  • Achieving equilibrium across your personal, educational, and work life

The following tips will help you maximize the relaxing atmosphere needed to jumpstart your self-care goals:

Morning Home Self-Care Tips

home self care includes appreciating nature and the sunrise

  1. Get up to watch the sunrise.
  2. Make your bed (if you do nothing else for the day, at least you’ll end it with one accomplishment).
  3. Take a long luxurious bath.
  4. Put on your most comfortable clothes.
  5. Brew a fancy pot of coffee or herbal tea.
  6. Make yourself a hardy breakfast.
  7. Make a list of 4 light (10 minute) activities that need to be done around the house and spend 40 minutes doing them.
  8. Light some incense, a scented candle, or turn on your diffuser.
  9. Put your phone on “silent” or shut it off for part or all of the day.
  10. Take time to stretch and go for a walk somewhere green.

Note: After your morning coffee or tea, limit your caffeine intake for the remainder of the day. This will help you relax and further enjoy your day.

Relaxing cup of coffee in your morning home self care routine

If you smoke, limit or eliminate your smoking for the day. Smoking has immediate adverse effects on your blood pressure and heart rate.

Tip: Know your craving triggers and fight the urge to light up. These triggers may include:

Emotional Triggers

  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Anger
  • Loneliness
  • Sadness
  • Happiness

Common Triggers

  • Texting/scrolling social media
  • Work or Study
  • Breaktime
  • With coffee
  • Driving
  • After a meal

Social (Community) Triggers

  • Smelling cigarette smoke
  • Associating with other smokers
  • Seeing someone smoke
  • Someone offers you a cigarette

When the urge to smoke arises, distract yourself, drink water, and preserve the self-care atmosphere you are creating for yourself.

Afternoon Home Self-Care Tips

Bake a cake or dessert for yourself and your home self care

  1. Bake a cake or your favorite dessert.
  2. Fire up the crockpot and start planning a dinner full of comfort food.
  3. Wash a load of clothes.
  4. Give yourself a mani-pedi.
  5. Give yourself a facial with a homemade face mask.
  6. Sing and dance as you turn up your favorite music.
  7. Jot down some ideas, plans, and goals (with reasonable deadlines)
  8. Find a cozy corner and read a chapter or two of a book.
  9. Have a picnic on your porch or in your yard.
  10. Take a rejuvenating nap.

A healthy home self care routine includes taking naps

Note: Take your time. Part of self-care is to immerse yourself in self-serving activities. If one activity takes longer than another, don’t stress it. Let your day and activities unfold organically.

Tip: If you exercise or work out, do so in the early afternoon. This allows time for your body to process the additional adrenaline and endorphins produced by your workout.

Evening Home Self-Care Tips

Set the table and enjoy a homemade meal during your home self care routine

  1. Find a relaxing spot to watch the sunset.
  2. Set the table and enjoy the dinner you started in the afternoon.
  3. Get comfortable with some popcorn and watch your favorite movie.
  4. Research and learn something new.
  5. Sift through your social media accounts and clean out (unfriend) people you don’t associate with.
  6. Organize your camera roll and saved images (select a handful of pictures to turn into portraits).
  7. Uninstall apps or programs you no longer use or cause you stress (games included).
  8. Curate your playlists (remove songs you always skip and add something new and exciting).
  9. Call an old friend or catch up with an out-of-touch relative.
  10. Find a quiet, relaxing spot and meditate (reflect on your accomplishments and plans).

Home self care includes moments of silence and meditation

Note: Avoid caffeinated beverages and sugary food/snacks in the evening. Consuming such items too late in the day can result in restlessness and lead to insomnia symptoms at bedtime.

Tip: As your evening progresses into night, slow down, dim the lights, and turn the volume down on everything. Avoid activities that require excessive attention or exertion, it’s time to enjoy the end to an incredible day.

Nighttime Home Self-Care Tips

Take a luxurious bath as part of home self care routine

  1. Take another luxurious, relaxing bath.
  2. Dress for bed (comfortable, loose-fitting clothes)
  3. Adjust your bedroom temperature (cool rooms are great for sleep)
  4. One hour before going to bed, shut off all computer and device screens.
  5. Read another chapter of the book you put down in the afternoon.
  6. Make a light plan for the coming day.
  7. Plan on taking a vacation in the near future.
  8. Plan on doing something nice for a neighbor, friend, or relative struggling with something.
  9. Make a list of your day’s accomplishments (no matter how few, celebrate them).
  10. Go to bed happy.

Write take notes and celebrate accomplishments as part of home self care

If you don’t need to set your alarm for the following day, don’t set it and wake up when you wake up.

Tip: If you have a sound machine or interactive device, play a gentle rainstorm, running river water, forest sounds, or heartbeat to help you fall into a deep restorative sleep.

Self-Care Ideas

Part of a successful self-care routine is to remove the “routine.” When you identify activities that cause you stress and discomfort, or that you know will cause long-term adverse effects, eliminate those activities. Such activities may include:

  • Smoking
  • Drinking
  • Overeating
  • Gambling
  • Arguing with people
  • Overexertion

The self-care tips that work best for you may not work so well for others. Likewise, as you shed stressful/undesired activities from your daily life, your self-care needs will likely change for the better.

Make yourself happy with home self care

Self-Care Tips

In this article, you discovered home self-care tips to help you relax and decompress from stressors in your everyday life.

When you take the time to decompress and eliminate stressful activities from your life, you are potentially adding valuable years to your life.

Allowing stress and anxiety to persist in your life can adversely affect your health, potentially landing you in the hospital or much worse.


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