3 Reasons Rest Is Critical to Your Health and Fitness

Rest is often overlooked by most people, even though it is fundamental to a balanced workout and lifestyle. Most people do not know the immense benefit that rest can provide and the vital role it plays in your body’s recovery.
healthandbeautyresource.wordpress.com is dedicated to uncovering copious health benefits, but this article will highlight three reasons why rest should be taken more seriously.

1. Rest Facilitates Muscle Recovery and Prevents Injury

It is pretty obvious that rest would help you recover from an injury better and faster. Resting days aid recovery and prevents overuse in the form of lifting, running or even walking. Sleep, ice baths, and massage are other effective recovery mechanisms.

If you keep pushing yourself without taking breaks or recuperating properly, you risk wearing out your joints and muscles, and injuries are more likely to happen.

athlete sports exercise muscle exhaustion

Basically, you tear your muscle fibers when you lift weights. However, if you do not give your immune system time to recover and build the muscle, you are going to lose out on the perks of your training. This is why it is essential that you pick different days for working on specific body muscles.

When you hit the gym, you essentially break your muscle, recovery, growth and repair begins to happen when you leave the gym. Those who continuously visit the gym without breaks throughout the week will simply continue to wear down their muscle tissues and this will considerably affect the development of their strength levels.

2. Rest is Beneficial to Your Immune System

When the body is worked hard, the immune system will constantly be out to repair joints and muscles, fight infections and protect the body from any potential virus and flu. However, the immune system may fail at these functions in the absence of adequate rest. The moment your immune system fails to properly do its job, you become potentially exposed to muscle injury and sickness.

3. Rest Helps Us To Sleep

Sleep is the most basic form of rest. The average person should get around 7 to 9 hours of sleep every night according to the National Institutes of Health. Anything below the recommended time frame could result in an adverse body reaction called a sleep deficit.

Whilst it is possible for a person to get used to getting less sleep than usual, it goes without saying that this will ultimately decrease their brain function and reaction time. This can be very dangerous, precisely for individuals who operate machinery driving amongst other hazards.

Watch this video to further understand why rest and sleep are so important:

Professional Help May Be Required For Inadequate Rest

The amount of rest required will vary from individual to individual and is dependent on some factors like activity level, health status, overall stress levels and age.

If you realize that you cannot find an equilibrium between work and rest, endeavor to consult a physician who is an expert at sleep. Your physician will carry out sleep tests and determine the next course of action or direct you to a specialist if need be.

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